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asset based lending online

Asset based lending online. Our asset based lending services offer lending options to companies that are less restrictive than those offered by FDIC banks. Funding solutions that include receivables credit lines, accounts receivable financing combined with equipment leasing and finance plus purchase order financing and factoring.



The funding resources of a company are an essential part of running a day to day business, it can actually be the difference between continued growth and a successful future or significant setbacks or failure. Our flexible asset based lending services include:

Accounts Receivable Financing
Receivables Factoring - Invoice Purchasing
Equipment Finance and Leasing Services
Inventory Loans
Real Estate Loans on Commercial Properties

Our credit facilities are tailored to fit the financing needs of companies:

Lines of credit on your accounts receivables, or;
A combination that includes factoring, plus a line of credit and/or term loan
Term loans secured with your equipment
Inventory loans (in concert with factoring)
Commercial real estate loans
Working capital loans to improve efficiency

Our credit facilities are flexible and available to a wide range of industries for:

Refinancing existing debt
Debt restructuring or settlement
Working capital infusion
Asset acquisition
Expansion  and growth
Reorganization or meeting expenses
Leveraged buy-outs

For continued success it is essential for companies to maintain the gradual growth of its customer base and the reliability and dependability of customer service and product quality, as well as keeping up with continued innovations and diversification of its industry's products and services.

And for companies that are in trouble, our working capital credit facilities are available to help you restructure and reorganize. Our turnaround / workout consultancy and CEO-Level concern solutions team offer the knowledge and assistance, combined with strategic planning to help turn your business around.

A reliable financial partner is essential for companies to remain resourceful and competitive! If your company is refinancing, restructuring or expanding, or perhaps having business dilemmas, please contact us today.



Asset Based Lending

Receivables Lines of Credit
Minimum: $100,000
Maximum: $25 million
Years in Business: 2 Minimum
DSCR / FCCR: 1.20x
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States and Canada
Standard terms and conditions apply

Factoring / PO Funding

Minimum: $5,000
Maximum: $15 million
Startups OK
Advances: Up to 92% - 95%
Rates/Terms: Competitive
United States and Canada
Standard terms and conditions apply